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What’s new in Norseman?

Norseman Community Markets

On Saturday 8th September the community markets will take place at the Town Hall running in conjunction this month with the Spring Flower festival. As always there will be bargains to be had, fresh produce to buy and something to tempt the taste buds. Pop along and browse the stalls and take in the exhibits on display in the town hall. A great way to spend Saturday.

Norseman Community Flower & Garden show

The show will run from 7th to 9th of September at the Norseman Town Hall from 9am to 3pm daily. There will a wide range of items on show featuring a number of categories such as horticulture, artworks, sculptures, children's works and the odd quirky item that will capture your attention. Refreshments will be available for a gold coin donation and some items will be for sale. Why not go along, take in the atmosphere and mix with the locals.

Main Street Imagery


The town centre is being revamped by a project that is utilising stunning images that reflect the lifestyle of days gone by as well as beautiful images of local scenery to enhance the buildings and fences along Roberts street. It is in its infancy but already a number of images have been put up and eventually the whole street will have images and relative information panels to form a 'town walk' for visitors to enjoy.