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Saving pages of this site to PDF

Windows Edge

  • Choose Print from the File tab open the Printer window.
  • Select the drop-down menu under Printer where you choose your printing device. One of these options should be an alternative saying “Microsoft Print to PDF.” Select this option.
  • Change any other options you want, including margins and scale. Then select Print. This will save all pages in the currently opened webpage. You can narrow down the pages using the Pages tab in the printer window.


  • Go to File and choose Print
  • Go to the lower left-hand corner of the window where it says PDF, and select this drop-down menu. Click Save to PDF or one of the other options.
  • Name your file and location, and select Save. You’re done!

Google Chrome

  • Head over to Settings (the three dots) and choose 'Print' This will bring up a printing window.
  • Look for the heading Destination and choose Change.
  • You should see an option to Save as PDF. Select this.
  • This will load a preview. Once you have made any changes you need, select Save. You’re done!