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Tips for travellers

The Eyre Highway is in fact Highway 1 and therefore part of the major highway traversing Australia. It is well maintained and although there are many travel stops along its length travellers need to be aware of certain facts to ensure an enjoyable and trouble free journey.

Service Stops

Nullarbor Roadhouse Photo: Bahnfrend (CC BY-SA)

All of the service stops have accommodation, food, fuel and power outlets available. However there is no electricity or water supply across the highway and therefore the travel stops have to produce their own power and treat underground water for use. Those with caravans need to conserve the use of water from their tanks as they will not be able to refill them along the highway.

Mobile Phones

Storm on the Nullarbor

Mobile phones have limited coverage on the Nullarbor however the travel stops do have public telephones available for use.


WA/SA checkpoint Photo: Bahnfrend (CC BY-SA)

Agriculture checkpoints operate on the border for those people travelling into Western Australia and at Ceduna for those travelling into South Australia:

  • If you are carrying fresh fruit or vegetables then it is wise to either have eaten them or peeled and cooked them prior to arriving at the checkpoints.
  • Live plants growing in soil will also be an issue.
  • Fruit or vegetable boxes that have been used for storage will be confiscated.
  • Nuts that are still in the shell should be avoided.
  • Any potato, wheat or onion sacks used as mats will be confiscated.
  • For those entering WA, be aware that honey is not allowed to be brought in.

Time Zones

Sunrise on the Nullarbor

There is a time difference between Western Australia and South Australia which means that WA is behind SA. For most of the year it is a total of 1½ hours but during the end of October to the end of March the difference increases to 2½ hours. It is wise to be aware of these time changes as it can affect your travel plans.

More Information

Great Australian Bight Coastline

If you are planning to travel the Nullarbor and need the above points expanded upon or you have any other concerns, please contact the Norseman Visitor Centre on (08) 9039 1071 or email and the staff will be very pleased to assist.