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Attractions and Activities

Spectacular natural features, unique flora and fauna and fascinating historical points provide numerous attractions to savour and enjoy as you travel the 'Nullarbor'.

Balladonia Travel Stop

Museum at Balladonia Photo: Bahnfrend (CC BY-SA)

At the Balladonia travel stop there is an educational interactive museum that provides a fascinating insight into the Afghan Camel Trains, Skylab, Aboriginal History for that area and the local flora.

‘90 mile straight’ (146.6km)

90 Mile Straight, Eyre Highway Photo: © Lynn Webb

Between Balladonia and Caiguna is the ‘90 mile straight’ the longest straight stretch of road in Australia. There is a sign marking the beginning and provides an excellent opportunity to park near it and take a photo.

Caiguna Air Blowhole

Caiguna Air Blowhole

Just 5km West of Caiguna is the air blowhole. It is well signposted with a short detour off the main highway to reach it. Cool air escapes through the hole from the caverns and caves underground.

Cocklebiddy Cave

Cocklebiddy Cave

The Cocklebiddy Cave is located approximately 10km from the roadhouse and you need to ask for directions from the service station. It is no longer accessible but you can view the entrance from the surface.

The Eyre Bird Observatory

The Eyre Bird Observatory

The Eyre Bird Observatory is located 35km in from the highway with the turn off being 17km east of Cocklebiddy. The Observatory is housed in the wonderful old Eyre Telegraph Station which also acts as a museum and accommodation premises for overnight visitors. As well as bird watching there are peaceful bush walks and a pristine beach to enjoy. Entry to the nature reserve requires 4WD or you may make prior arrangements with the rangers to be picked up. Entry fees apply.

Madura Pass

Madura Pass Photo: Bahnfrend (CC BY-SA)

The look out from the top of Madura Pass offers beautiful views of what was once the ocean bed, now called the Roe Plains. The Hampton Tablelands provide a rugged backdrop for the woodlands as they follow the highway from Madura to Eucla.


Old jetty, Eucla Photo: © Lynn Webb

Eucla perches at the top of the Eucla Pass and provides superb views of the drifting white sand dunes that form part of the Eucla National Park with the Southern Ocean in the background. There is a very informative Telegraph Museum at the motel with information text and displays relating to the telegraph history. A short walk brings you to the Edward John Eyre Memorial and the Travellers Cross that lights up at night. A 6km drive down from the pass will bring you to the remains of the old township that has almost been covered by the sand dunes. For those who do not mind stretching their legs, a walk across the dunes reveals the remains of the old jetty on the very inviting beach.

Border Village

Border Village Photo: Patrick Nouhailler (CC BY-SA)

A few meters on the East of the border is WA/SA Border Village with the enormous fibre glass kangaroo 'Rooey 11' standing sentinel at the front of the premises. With his coke in hand he is definitely worth a photograph or you may prefer a shot of the multi directional signpost advising you how far it is to various capital cities in the world.

Great Australian Bight

Bunda Cliffs Photo: Chris Fithall (CC BY)

Having crossed the border into South Australia, the landscape takes on a different appearance and the natural wonders intensify. The opportunity to view the awesome Bunda Cliffs soon arises, with three lookout points available to choose from. These 100 metre drops are absolutely breathtaking and must not be missed. At some points you are so close to the 'Great Australian Bight' that the ocean can be viewed from the road as you drive along.

Nullarbor Plain

Western tip of the Nullarbor Plain

Signs identifying the Eastern and Western tip of the 'Nullarbor Plain' appear either side of the Nullarbor Roadhouse and the landscape becomes very flat with only small clumps of vegetation to break up the surface. Dawn and dusk skies provide stunning colours that add to the mystique of the terrain and beg to be photographed.

Whale Watching

Southern Right Whales Photo: © Lynn Webb

During May to October the majestic Southern Right Whales migrate to the Great Australian Bight to calve. During this period flights operate from the roadhouse to take travellers out for breathtaking aerial views of the whales and the cliffs. A short 12km drive east from Nullarbor brings you to the turning into the Head of The Bight and it is a further 12km on a sealed road into the viewing area. There are two fantastic lookout platforms built along the cliff edge that allow travellers to get very up close and personal with the cliff views and the whales. This facility is manned during whale season with the interpretive centre open for visitors and an entry fee applies. Off season visitors can still enter to view from the platforms and donations are appreciated.

Onwards from the Nullarbor

Fowlers Bay, SA Photo: Kerry Raymond (CC BY)

As you drive on from Nullarbor the landscape gradually changes back to bushland and trees that continues through until Ceduna. For those who have a hankering for the coast again and the opportunity to camp and fish you are able to turn off at Nundroo and drive down to Fowlers Bay with its welcoming caravan park. For those younger at heart and who enjoy the challenge of nature, it is well worth visiting Cactus Beach just 20km from Penong, where surfing is very popular. Please note that this is privately owned, bush camping is allowed in defined areas, the facilities are basic and you must bring your own water.