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Welcome to the Nullarbor

The ‘Nullarbor’ is the world’s largest single lump of limestone, over 250,000km² and was formed some 50 million years ago. It is also one of the world’s most fascinating road journeys with ever changing scenery and a timelessness that causes one to drift in a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Eucla coast

The journey from Norseman to Ceduna (which is classed as being the ‘Nullarbor’ experience) is approximately 1,200km and the section from Norseman to Eucla is part of the Shire of Dundas. As you travel the Eyre Highway (Nullarbor) there are many facility stops along the way to cater for your every need as well as an abundance of stunning scenery and unique wildlife to feast your eyes on.

Norseman to Caiguna

Sunset on the Nullarbor

As you embark on your journey from Norseman you will be surrounded by beautiful unique eucalyptus woodland that continues until you pass Balladonia. This then changes to grasslands studded with low shrubbery, trees of a more stunted growth and becomes dotted with limestone as you near Caiguna.

Caiguna to Madura

Limestone landscape

Between Caiguna and Cocklebiddy the limestone outcrops increase and the grasslands become more dominant. After Cocklebiddy, trees become more prominent and of a slightly coastal type, these continue and thicken as the road leads to Madura and the spectacular view awaiting you from the Madura Pass escarpment.

Madura to Eucla

Sand dunes in Eucla National Park

Shortly after coasting down the other side of the escarpment the Hampton Tablelands appear on your left and continue through to Eucla with the coastal bush and trees providing a multitude of shapes and forms to test your imagination. As you draw nearer to the Eucla escarpment the stunning white sand dunes of Eucla National Park can be seen in the distance and as the road climbs the escarpment, views of the ocean can be glimpsed.

Eucla to South Australia

Along the Eyre Highway Photo: Bahnfrend (CC BY-SA)

Just 12km after Eucla is the Western Australia/South Australia border and from there you become surrounded by the equivalent delights provided by mother nature for the South Australian portion of the 'Nullarbor'.

‘Boring, tedious’… Never!

If you take the time to explore and discover, talk to the locals, have regular breaks and absorb the atmosphere this will become one of your greatest experiences.