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Norseman is nestled in the Heart of the Great Western Woodlands, one of the world’s largest intact temperate landscapes still remaining. The woodlands are a biologically distinct region covering 16 million hectares which is twice the size of Tasmania and approximately the same size as England.

McDermid Rock Photo: © Lynn Webb

It is home to many unique species of trees and shrubs and with over 25% of Australia’s Eucalypts found here it becomes Australia’s Eucalypt Heartland. The region abounds with wildlife and also has numerous outcrops of granite rocks that are extremely old geologically and cover large areas.


Bush trail Photo: © Russell Smith

The woodlands are full of adventure tracks for 4 wheel drive enthusiasts and also provide challenging walks for the energetic traveller. Alternatively there are wonderful picnic/camping spots at the granite outcrops with stunning views rewarding those who make the effort to climb a little or a lot.


Wildflowers Photo: © Judy Fleming

During the spring months the bush comes alive with colour and flowers making it a delight to spend time exploring and communing with nature. Add to this the spectacular ancient salt lakes that were once vast river systems resulting from the melting ice that covered the earth in a much earlier age.

Salt Lakes

Salt Lake Photo: © Lynn Webb

The largest of these is Lake Cowan which extends some 6.5km south of Norseman and 120km north. On occasion the lakes hold water, usually following heavy rain, but mostly are dry. They provide stunning images when combined with the beautiful sunsets that Norseman often enjoys.

Wildflowers Photo: © Judy Fleming
Emu and Chicks Photo: © Lynn Webb
Thorny Devil Photo: © Lynn Webb