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There is no lack of opportunity to explore and enjoy outdoor activities in and around Norseman. Visitors have a wide range of pursuits to enjoy.

Dundas Rocks

Dundas Rocks

Ideal for picnics, camping, climbing, photography, bush walking and exploring, only 22km south of town.

Mt Jimberlana

Mt Jimberlana Photo: © Lynn Webb

Large granite outcrop offering spectacular views from the top with a picnic area at the base, located just 5km east of town.

Gemstone Fossicking

Gemstones Photo: © Russell Smith

Search for attractive agate gemstones in the peaceful bushland just 10km out from town on the Granite Woodlands Trail. Obtain directions from the visitor centre.

Peak Charles

Peak Charles

This national park is approximately 100km (in total) south and is ideal for the adventure lovers. Basic camp facilities are provided in a lovely pristine woodland setting. Peak Charles is 651m high and is recommended for experienced walkers and climbers.

The Granite Woodlands Discovery Trail

Granite Woodlands Discovery Trail Photo: © Reynolds Graphics

Links Norseman to Hyden and Wave Rock and is a delight of beautiful woodlands, stunning granite rocks, spectacular wildflowers in spring and numerous picnic/camp spots that include some walk trails, along the way. The drive trail is 297km and offers a different route to Perth meandering through one of the largest untouched temperate woodlands in the world and is suitable for most vehicles. Brochure available from the Visitor Centre.

Historical Museum

Museum Entry Hall Photo: © Lynn Webb

There is a wonderful collection of memorabilia housed in what used to be the ‘School of Mines’ building. Soak up the history and heritage as you explore the different room displays and then go outside to view all the great exhibits such as a large piece of Skylab, the beautifully restored horse wagon, a railway pumper that was used by the fettlers when repairing the rail lines plus numerous pieces of mining equipment. A small entry fee applies and it opens 10am to 1pm most days.

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park Photo: © Pania Turner

This educational and historical mining park is close to the town centre. Items of machinery, equipment and buildings representing our mining history are displayed along pathways with interpretive signage to explain their background. There are free barbecues on which to cook a delicious lunch or dinner and sheltered picnic setting.

Horse Statue

Horse Statue Photo: © Lynn Webb

A visit to Norseman would not be complete without saying hello to 'Norseman' who stands proudly on the corner of Roberts and Ramsay Streets just down from the Visitor Centre. The lovely bronze statue recognises the part the horse played in establishing our town.

‘Corrugated Iron Camels’

Camels Photo: © Lynn Webb

The ‘Corrugated Iron Camels’ on Prinsep Street offer a great photo opportunity. The brilliant life size beasts are a tribute to the camel trains that carried all the freight and mail in the early days. Norseman has very wide streets because the camel trains needed lots of room to turn.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Photo: © Russell Smith

A spectacular view awaits those visitors who take the short 2km drive up to Beacon Hill. One can see in every direction and be regaled with history from the display boards on the quaint information hut that perches at the top. You can also enjoy a short walk trail through the beautiful bushland that leads off the top of the hill and comes back to the top.

Tailings Dump

Tailings Dump Photo: © Lynn Webb

As you drive up to Beacon Hill there is the opportunity to view the grand sculptured Tailings Dump that sits on the side of the road. This is a residue left over from processing gold and this particular dump still has a lot of gold left in it.

Town Cemetery

Town Cemetery

If genealogy is on your agenda then the town cemetery is well worth a visit. There have been many people who have lived here over the years and the cemetery has its own stories to tell.

Lake Cowan Lookout

Lake Cowan Photo: © Russell Smith

A 7km drive that meanders across Lake Cowan brings you to a delightful picnic setting perched on top of one of the islands that are scattered over the lake. There are stunning views in most directions and an information panel provides background about the salt lake which is one of many in the region.

The Gallery of Splendid Isolation Photo: © Lynn Webb

The Gallery of Splendid Isolation is situated on the corner of Ramsay and Prinsep streets right across from the corrugated iron camels. Local photographer, Lynn Webb, has a stunning range of images on display that cover the full spectrum of photographic opportunities in the shire. There are stunning shots of nature, wildlife, landscapes, still life or those with a modern spin on the subject, from colour to black and white. A visit to the gallery will not disappoint.